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Graham is a qualified Cognitive clinical Hypnotherapist, N.L.P Master Practitioner, Personal development and success Coach, trainer and Counsellor heading up wellbeing therapies Norwich.

Graham  worked for many years in the corporate world and helped many people deal with the pressures, stress and anxiety generated by the fast pace and expectations of today’s life in the business arena, as well as undertaking individual and team performance coaching. Hypnotherapy and teaching Hypnotherapy are now his passion in life allowing Graham to help many  more people.

Graham saves company’s time, streamlines efficiency and reduces costs by looking after their most important asset, their staff and therefore the bottom line.

Wellbeing therapies gives clients their life back by using the most up to date hypnotherapy practices, NLP and other therapy techniques to enable our clients to remove the negative old issues in their lives which are holding them back.

Shocking but true, 55% of executives will die from a stress related illness, one in four will also experience a mental health issue at some point in their lives.

Graham uses solution focused cognitive therapeutic approaches and also provides bespoke training courses with NLP based Solution focused approaches coupled with stress management strategies.

Grahams broad depth of experience as a Master N.L.P practitioner, professional Hyphotherapist, Development success  coach and cognitive hypnotherapy trainer is now available to all those wishing to take back control of their lives and alleviate themselves of long held stress and anxiety, phobias, bad habits, learn new skills to take their lived in a different direction, as well as addressing life threatening addictions to nicotine, substance abuse and food or sugar, we aim to assist all our clients reach their full potential and success in life.

We work with those who to wish to be coached for better personal performance and success in all areas of their lives be it sport, Business or personal goals, as well as running regular Hypnotherapy training courses for those who wish to add a new skill to their existing therapies, we train also those who wish to set up in private practice as cognitive Hypnotherapists. 

As with all things in life, we tend to get what we pay for.

We are not cheap for Norfolk, However we are very effective…..

How much value do you place on yourself or your staff??’

Graham leads the practice, all the therapists at Wellbeing Therapies  Norwich are fast, effective and looking forward to helping you.


Graham’s qualifications.

NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) Master Practitioner   

Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Experienced certified Counsellor

Experienced Trainer

Dip Hyp            (Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling)

Dip PC              (Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling)

GQHP                Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register

CNHC                 Member of The complimentary and natural healthcare council

MNHS               Member of The National Hypnotherapy Society


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