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Wellbeing Therapies;

I was made to feel at ease as it was quite hard to talk at my first appointment, It was very  relaxed, calm and I was not made to feel embarrassed. I feel much better, more calm and no stress. I have now learned how to deal and cope with the old issues I had. I would highly recommend this wellbeing therapy and done so, I am glad I found the courage to come for treatment.



I found the whole experience very helpful, relaxed and not at all intimidating. I must admit I did not think I could be helped but kept an open mind and soon realised the sessions were working. They helped me through a difficult time in my life and made me come to terms with various hang ups that I had, and for this I am truly thankful.



I was nervous prior to my first consultation but within minutes felt comfortable. Graham was so easy to talk to and made me feel so at ease and safe. I really enjoyed my sessions and I am starting so see little improvements all the time. I didn’t want to finish my sessions! It has been such a positive experience for me, I have been recommending it to friends and family, Thank you so much for everything you have done.



My experience with Wellbeing Therapies has been very positive and extremely helpful with the issues I have or should I say had.                    A relaxing room and reassurance that what you are struggling with can be changed is another positive outcome of the service. All round a very good service experienced. I would and have recommended this service to colleagues and friends.



I was impressed by Graham’s willingness to explain everything to me, either the theory or what actually would happen during hypnosis. This made me more at ease, I enjoyed also that each session had a different perspective which kept things fresh, I found myself looking forward to the next session and adventure in which I was about to embark.  Although the results appeared to be subtle, the difference was certainly more in a number of aspects and I hope this improvement will continue to build.



A positive experience which gave me the tools to get through a tough time in my life and beyond. Graham would give me both counselling and then the Hypnotherapy to help restore my balance, I would recommend to anyone who needs a shove in the right direction to seek help and work with Graham.


As much as I would love to carry on studying for as long as possible, we have come to the end of our wonderful course. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Time went by far too quickly. I was lucky to be part of a lovely group and be taught by one of the most kind, intelligent, funny and unbelievably knowledgeable people. His teaching methods made it seem natural and easy to grasp.
The course information was straightforward and a useful and reassuring point of reference for the future. I particularly loved the fact that we had the opportunity to ask questions with regards to the coursework as well as day to day events and get answers to absolutely everything throughout the entire duration of the course in order to help us understand people, emotions, behaviours and how to approach a client or a situation.
I also particularly loved the fact that we were given the opportunity to practice as many times as we needed to in order to perfect the techniques. Graham has a wonderful way of empowering his students and bringing them up to their maximum potential. His confidence building techniques are out of this world.
Not only do I feel confident with regards to hypnotherapy, life coaching and my future career but also with regards to myself. My quality of life is even better and I’m smiling even more. I have made some amazing friends and the future is looking prosperous . I know
I will always have support and guidance from Graham and from my colleagues. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.


I have really enjoyed the course and although some days it seemed that there was so much to take in and learn, Graham made sure we were all happy and understood everything we had gone through. I feel like I have come a long way from day one of doing this course and I’m excited to start the diploma stage. Graham is an excellent tutor and is very approachable, he has made the course enjoyable and fun. He has always explained everything clearly and been honest with us in our progress throughout the course. I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher



A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting training course, great environment and Graham is approachable and extremely thorough in delivering this course.



This has been a very interesting  well  presented  course.  An excellent  trainer/teacher and easy to understand.  Looking  forward to the next part and diploma.



As someone who had the impression that Hypnosis is something mystical, the course has established that one has more control over their lives. The course has provided ‘tools’ that although are out there, how they are adapted to hypnotherapy has been an experience and useful tool in itself. Graham has really good rapport with the group, his language used is understood, he explains clearly what is required, what we need to know and how we put this into practice. Graham treats everyone equally whether they have had previous experience or not.



Very well run course with a good balance of tuition and practice. The provided material give enough information to both understand the subjects and guide the students to further study.

Graham our tutor is extremely knowledgeable, inspires the group to succeed and to believe that they can. I have really enjoyed the sessions and look forward to the diploma with great excitement.

  • Great Tutor
  • Great Learning environment
  • Prompt, helpful response to any questions
  • Assistance/guidance when needed
  • Some course material need grammar

All in all a very pleasant learning experience that has opened so may adventures already.



Graham has been an amazing tutor, as he himself is very knowledgeable, easy going, calm and relaxed whilst teaching. He has been very approachable throughout the duration of the course answering all questions and concerns easily and constructively. The course itself has been very eye opening and Graham has been great in the delivery of the course. The pacing has been great and the support throughout the course has been exceptional.




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