Relationship & Couples Therapy

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 Are you fed up of being a relationship where its hard work and you are unhappy or of being single?

Our lead relationship expert Jeannette will help you find the way through your relationship difficulties in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Do you find you keep attracting the ‘wrong type’ or may not even get as far as attracting, but need your confidence built to begin flirting more and being open to engaging with the opposite sex?

Is your existing relationship not the best it could be?

Would you both like relationship coaching to enable you to understand what each other is saying and what the other person means?

If you are struggling with trust issues, this can often put a huge strain on relationships leaving one partner constantly worried that the other will become upset or jealous. The jealous partner will often experience a range of emotions such as anger, self-hatred, sadness, pain and fear.

Jealousy can sometimes lead to aggressive or violent behaviour so it is important to seek help.

Therapy can find the causes of your jealousy and work to eliminate them allowing you to be more relaxed in your relationships and better able to enjoy them.

If you are struggling to cope with grief then similarly, we will explore your emotions that stem from your subconscious mind and will help you to overcome your feelings of grief more quickly. You will feel more positive and confident in your ability to cope with the days ahead.

Sometimes relationships can make us feel insecure, hurt and unappreciated. It could be a relationship with a friend or loved one or a working relationship with a colleague or manager.

No matter what kind of relationship these feelings manifest, we can help you to feel more confident in yourself by addressing negative thought patterns from their core.

We see so many interesting, confident, attractive men and women having problems around relationships.  It could be that they have concentrated a lot of their time in building a career, where they have felt confident and in control, then realised love has been an elusive thing over the past few years.

Or maybe they ‘gave up’ on love after some bad experiences, but have found themselves lonely and missing being with someone in an intimate relationship. If this sounds like you, then you could benefit from working with us.

If you find yourself saying ‘There’s no good partners out there’, the good news is you are wrong, but maybe you have been attracting the wrong people!  Now we can’t work on all the wrong ones out there, but the good news is, you can work on yourself instead, to attract the ‘good ones’!

Love and intimate relationships can make us feel very vulnerable and out of control.  We can feel very exposed which might then result in the withdrawing of our affections, or becoming too ‘needy’ and insecure. It doesn’t take long to figure out that desperation is not an aphrodisiac. In fact, the more we need love, the harder it is to find!

The vision we have as children of the ‘happy ever after’ riding off with our Knight in Shining Armour to rescue and protect us in a relationship, or a princess to protect is very rarely a reality.

It is not up to any partner to ‘rescue’ us, or for us to protect a ‘vulnerable princess’.

We can help you develop your inner security and confidence where you do not need ‘rescuing’ in a relationship or ‘protecting’, but rather looking for love to enhance an already happy and complete self.